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Add context to your highlights with descriptions 💬


Over the past months, our users continuously shared with us the need to describe, share and discuss highlights they create in their audio- and video transcripts. They taught us: "Highlights aren't the interpretation of my work, but merely the marking of important text that needs to be interpreted, described, shared, and discussed with the team – this will increase our shared understanding of our users and customers."

We've heard you! That's why today, we're introducing a new concept to highlights, which includes the ability to:

  • Describe your highlights
    You can now add meaningful context to the highlights you create, summarize them, and add your personal interpretation. This augments the highlights and makes them ready to share and be consumed by others.

  • Tag highlights in context by typing "#" anywhere in the description
    Tagging serves many purposes, such as making highlights easy to find across multiple interviews and creating clusters of relevant topics you're working on. You can now use tags in the context of a description or interpretation of a highlight to give them more meaning.

  • Quickly see who created a highlight when
    To initiate a conversation with your team on what you discovered, it's important to know who created a highlight. We now show you a timestamp on the highlight, as well as the name of the creator – take collaboration to the next level.

  • Seamlessly add highlights as evidence to another note, or create a new note
    A lot of the work teams do happens inside a note – that is, capture and interpret a user interaction. We just brought the entire value chain of NEXT (capture > interpret > share) inside a single note. Simply click the "..." button on a highlight and choose to add it as evidence to an existing note (e.g. an assumption), or create a new note as to start a cluster of highlights (e.g. an insight).

Coming soon...

  • @-mention your teammates to share and discuss your highlights
    Achieving a better shared understanding of your users/customers requires you to continuously share relevant discovery data with your team. From now on, all you need to do is @-mention one of your teammates and initiate a conversation. They'll receive a notification with a link to view the highlight and contribute.

Do you have any questions about the new version of highlights? Feel free to reach out to anytime, or send us a chat in our messenger.

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