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Announcing AI-based sentiment analysis 🤩


NEXT is announcing AI-based sentiment analysis for audio- and video transcriptions.

From now on, NEXT helps you identify positive or negative emotions in your customer interactions faster than ever before with AI-based sentiment analysis on the speaker level.

Apps that offer sentiment analysis usually analyze the sentiment of an entire interview. Although this may be quite accurate, it doesn't quite capture the varying sentiments for different parts of an interview or usability test. At NEXT, we do things a little different. Instead of analyzing the whole document, we analyze sentiment for each speaker section in your transcript. This higher level of detailed analysis allows for a much better identification of unmet customer needs and aspirations in the interview.

Each answer to a question you asked during an interview is analyzed, broken down and tagged with either positive or negative. The algorithm picks up words and word combinations, calculates positive vs. negative, and surfaces those tags that are >90% likely to be positive/negative with a smiley in the transcript.

Sentiment analysis becomes very useful when synthesizing large amounts of unstructured data like interviews and helps you create shareable highlights and stories faster than ever before

Go to NEXT, upload a recording of a customer interaction and try it out!

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