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Jira and GitHub integrations are here ✨


Product discovery helps teams make better, more informed product decisions and provides the necessary input to build products users love. Many teams who use NEXT for discovery are part of or work closely together with the development team. For the development workflow, these teams typically uses specialized tools such as Jira or GitHub.

From now on, you can easily close the discovery-to-development loop, by feeding all your discovery data directly into the development workflow. Simply create Jira or GitHub issues from a note or highlight in NEXT by clicking the "Share" button. This will add the content of the note or highlight into the issue, which serves as context for the delivery team.

Use cases
There are many use cases for the NEXT x GitHub/Jira integrations. Here are a few to get inspired:

  • Create draft user stories in NEXT based on customer insights (e.g. highlights) and create Jira/GitHub issues from these stories with a single click

  • Found something interesting in a customer interview? Create a highlight and then create an issues in Jira/GitHub as a follow-up action

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