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New properties ahead 🔥


Properties help you flexibly structure and organize your discovery data. You can use them to group your data in any way you like, filter- and sort data, or create different views.

Product- and discovery teams typically collaborate in NEXT on their discovery workflow, which is why collaboration features are key to productivity.

We've added two new properties to make data collaboration easier and more productive: `Created by` and `Created time`. You can now easily find out when a note was created, or by whom it was created.

Use cases
There are many use cases for these types of properties. Here are a few to get inspired:

  • See who created a user interview, so you always know who to contact more additional context

  • See when a user interview was created, so you can easily assess if the data is stale or fresh

  • Use the properties to find out who created a draft user story in NEXT, so the development team knows whom to contact for additional questions

Note: you can also apply these properties retroactively to your notes – they will get updated automatically with the correct values.

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